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My husband surprised me with this Days Gone art book to inspire me to continue creating art. It has definitely done that! 

In addition to being one of the best designed books and art books I’ve ever laid eyes on, this book is both thorough and informative! It’s completely stunning for the art itself but the layout of each page becomes a new art piece in itself. It’s quite literally a visual masterpiece. I’m learning so much about Days Gone with the notes this art book contains. And, the way this book is designed makes it even more amazing to view. Completely outstanding! I can’t give enough praise to the designer for making this book look and feel complete and for putting as much effort into it that was put into the game. Brilliant! 

Gift from my husband. Thanks Char!
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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1670492 2021-03-25T20:24:28Z 2021-03-31T02:01:06Z Profreshional Squid Kid (Splatoon cosplay)

As our son grew into a tiny toddler, I took one glance at him and knew he was destined to become a profreshional squid kid. Here are a few pics of the creation of his Splatoon cosplay I created in 2020 including what I used for materials and the final result. I was inspired by this Splatoon cosplay by TheNinjasWife I stumbled upon which is one of my all-time favorites to this day.

Here's my inkling boy for reference!


Let me start off by saying that my son was 2.5 years old at the time of wearing this cosplay and I didn't anticipate having a problem with him wearing a wig because he wore one before at age 1 for his Child's Play costume. However, he did not want this wig on his head whatsoever. I used an altered technique mentioned in the link above by ThenNinjasWife for adding the squid backing on the wig. It didn't really show up in my photos of my son wearing it but this is how it turned out:

For the actual wig, I used my favorite color from the game which was the aqua color. I ended up finding this inexpensive wig on Amazon that I thought would work. The color was great and it was extremely cheap! I actually think the price went down a bit since I bought it last year. 

I was also having a hard time styling it due to not having a wig stand so I used a paper towel stand which was a horrible idea. I also had to improvise because he did not want this wig touching his scalp at all so I used one of his hats to secure the wig pieces in. The hat I used was a simple Mickey Mouse hat with fluorescent accents that we already owned found here. I also didn't want to destroy the hat so once I styled the individual pieces, I then simply attached them with a safety pin. I also used black thread and a needle to make sure it was secure and wouldn't just fall off when he moved like a wiggly worm.

The glasses we also already owned and were purchased from Children's Place, found here. Unfortunately, they're out of stock but I'm still linking it anyway for reference. The glasses really brought everything together!


I normally attempt to sew or make my own cosplay creations but my character looks a certain way in a very distinct outfit I didn't change for almost a year so I wanted to keep it that way for the cosplay. It took me an undisclosed amount of hours searching for a size 3T aqua/teal windbreaker for a boy that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I ended up finding a toddler girls jacket that worked for $15 on a store I have never used before called Kidizen. It worked out perfectly. To not destroy the jacket so that I could potentially donate it later, I painted a piece of green foam a similar color to the jacket, added the Splatoon wording on it and secured it to the jacket by placing a piece of tape down  and then using a bit of hot glue to adhere it to the tape. Once I was done with it, I just removed the tape and no damage was done to the jacket.

Fun fact: windbreakers for toddlers are expensive.

The shoes were not my best work but it was extremely difficult to find my sons size in these type of shoes with a brown sole. Everything I wanted was sold out and I wanted the brown sole. I found a good style at Old Navy online in his size and ended up painting the entire shoe but loved the camo shoes so much, I bought two so he still has an unaltered pair. I had to do a lot of clean-up work on the soles. He wore them so much most of the paint is coming off by now because I didn't seal them in anyway. I used regular acrylic paints. Again, not my best paint job. 


The roller had to be right. I spent most of my time on it because if it wasn't right, there was no point to continue with the cosplay. However during quarantine, I had limited materials. I let the project sit for at least two weeks before I attempted a few things and finally got it right.

The handle and body are made with pvc pipe, cardboard, foam board, and masking tape. To make the pvc pipe curve I used a heatgun which was not the best option but the only one I had at the time. It formed an extremely ugly curve that made it look like trash that I pulled out of a dumpster. To fix the not-so-smooth curve, I added some padding and then covered it with masking tape. This left a visual bump on the curve I did not like. I went back and made the padding tighter and it seemed to fix the issue visually so it wasn't distracting. I used cardboard paper towel tubes cut up and wrapped around a pvc pipe to accurate sizing and used those to build the smaller parts of the pipe. Once everything was said and done, I wrapped everything in masking tape to conceal the fact that I had to patch up an area earlier with masking tape. It worked out great!

The roller part of the weapon is made from foam core from Walmart. I used  this tutorial to essentially make a pillar in the size I wanted and then wrapped a piece of poster board around it when I was done. 

Here's how it looked during the process mentioned above. Disclaimer: I know this looks like trash at this stage but it got better! Plus I was using literal trash to build it! Haha...

I forgot to add the padding until the end which I ended up going back to do later. I also never quite realized I didn't finish the end caps. O_o

Here's a breakdown of the materials I used to construct each portion. 

Note: It doesn't actually roll but it's the best I could do. O_o 

Ink Tank

The tank was made to function and was made with simple materials aka basically trash but it actually came out great and I'm really proud of it. Surprisingly, (even to me) is that I used laminating sheets to form the cylindrical shape I needed in the size I needed it in. I used another cylinder to form it and hot glued it then just slid it right off. The white marker lines are actually white out tape! To make the tank sturdy, I used a cylinder shape I had cut at an angle added a slanted top to it so it looked like it was half way full and that's it!

The red arrow is just red cardstock. The black parts on the tank are foam from my son's old foam play mat that normally come in interlocking squares that you place on the ground. I just cut the shapes I needed and it worked out fine. The silver parts are foam sheets painted with silver acrylics. The cap came off of a bottle I found in the garage. I was also able to incorporate a red light that came off of one of my Halloween light sets. It's the test light they normally put on the outside of the box so you can see how it looks. I never threw 'em away because I thought to myself... "one day I'm gonna need this." That day had arrived. So I'm pleased to say that the ink tank actually has a light that is activated by pushing a button. The straps were cut off a bag and attached like a backpack.

A few pics of the light!

I loved seeing the cosplay come together even when I thought the whole project was done for half way through. I kept trying different things and made it work. I think there may be more Splatoon cosplay in my sons future now that I am completely obsessed with playing Salmon Run and our son is even more obsessed with Splatoon than before so its a win-win for me too!


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My latest figure in my collection! (Thanks to my husband Resetti for surprising me with it!)


I'm a pretty huge Days Gone fan and completed the game while also learning how to care for a newborn child. It was a great experience to have time to really sit down and enjoy this game...very slowly! It took me an entire year to beat and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I never wanted this game to end tbh! It's has become an all-time favorite for me and I am so thankful to finally have something special to remember it by. Here's a few more photos...

I also have another figure on pre-order but I'll post pics when I actually get it! 
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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1655782 2021-02-18T21:44:18Z 2021-02-18T21:44:18Z It snowed!

Our snowman in Texas is ready to game!

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1644942 2021-01-25T19:06:28Z 2021-01-25T19:08:17Z Journey

This is the most perfect thing I've ever seen!

My questions are:

-Why didn't I know about this statue sooner?
-Why don't I already own it?
-Where can I find it?

I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I know it was a limited edition and it is highly unlikely I will ever get my hands on it but you never know!

Journey didn't start off as my favorite game. I had to play it through once to know that. I still wonder who I was playing with along the way. I bet they don't care or wonder about me but we had a connection. I know we did! This game gives me chills! I really want this for my collection so I will be on the hunt for it. Maybe someone is willing to part with it! To be continued...

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1633129 2020-12-29T04:04:40Z 2020-12-29T04:04:40Z Outbreak progress!

I played Wild Things on easy and it still took me an hour to beat it. I think that’s a new world record for worst run ever. It’s okay tho because I  actually forgot what to do and where to go. Even after beating it I still don’t remember what all I did. Therefore, I have changed my goals for this game.

My initial goal was to play through easy, beat all the levels and “learn” how to play again and then repeat on Normal. However, what I need to do is play and beat every level on easy TWICE, then move on to normal. I did play with Yoko but I think I’m going to cycle through all of the characters to get a better grip on how to play each. Plus, it’s just fun to experience them all individually instead of playing the same character over and over as I restart my Outbreak training.

I don’t think I have the courage to join an online game until I learn how to play again and what to do in each level becomes more natural. I’m having fun solo for now tho! 

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My husband spent so much time putting together my Christmas gift and with the help of a lot of people helped me get my favorite game booted up again and back online. I’m so thankful for this group of people who helped him out of the goodness of their hearts and love for the game. The game I’m referring to is Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 which I first played from its release 15 years ago. I know I just blogged about it but it’s because I couldn’t stop bringing the game up to my husband. Anyhoo, I’m actually playing a Japanese version of the game currently. I used to play all the time. I knew all the tricks, routes, maps, etc. Booting it back up again after 15 years was amazing but I’m now so terrible at the game I can’t even believe I once knew how to play it. I literally wasted an hour of my life playing on easy and still failed horribly. How did I play an hour and achieve only 31% completion? Well, because I’m terrible now as I mentioned. However, I did accidentally make it to the end of Wild Things and faced off with the lion way too early by accident. I almost felt like I could win with the inventory I had but it didn’t work out. It took me so long to even make it to that point. I feel ashamed and embarrassed! Haha. My goal is to play each level on easy to get reacquainted with everything I’m supposed to do plus learn the controls or at least get comfortable with them and then move on to normal and replay everything. 

Even though I’m absolutely terrible at this game now, I’m so excited! I was/am still a huge PS2 fan. I didn’t want to give my PS2 up for a PS3. It took a long time for me to make the switch. Now I can relive some of my all-time favorites like Outbreak File #2 and more because my husband hooked me up for Christmas! I also have a few more classics waiting on me to boot up including Fatal Frame II and Clock Tower 3 not to mention Twister Metal: Black just to name a few.

Anyway, I thought I would post my failures/progress in hopes that I can remember more and get better (again) at one of my all-time favorites! It sure does feel good again to play! I mean, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I was 21 when I first play this and I’m 36 now and I just can’t hang anymore which is why I’m a retired gamer, haha! 

Lastly, keep in mind I tried really hard and still managed to get this terrible score. :(


I picked up on my last save and continued and beat it! I couldn’t go to bed without beating it. And I feel extra idiotic at how much I struggled with the lion initially because I eventually found the rifle and all it took were a few shots and that was it. And, to top it off I let the AI have the rifle so Cindy basically owned the lion for me! Haha. I’m so rusty. But I’m excited because I’m learning how to play all over again and the controls are feeling more natural. 

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1627664 2020-12-14T04:27:58Z 2020-12-14T04:36:37Z A look back at one of my favorite games on PS2!

Lately, I can't stop bringing up how much fun I used to have playing Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 to my husband Resetti! I just can't explain how much fun I used to have playing it on my PS2 using my network adaptor and terrible internet connection.

I actually pre-ordered this game and received some promo items for it which are now long gone. I believe it was a canister... and can't remember what else. I did a simple search on it and definitely remember the canister and wish I still had it, but it also came with a face mask!

One of the things I remember most is playing it and having my little nephews watch me play! I'd be playing in my room and they'd come over and come straight into my room and sit and just watch me play... best memories ever! My oldest nephew eventually fell in love with the game too and every other game I was playing at the time on my PS2. Of course, he became better at every game I was playing as well and he was probably a pre-teen at the time. Haha. 

I still look back on these characters and think of how magnificent they look first of all, but also how memorable each and every one of them were! I played with every character but the most memorable to me were Jim because of his voice. We still use his "my bad!" voice in real life to this day and Cindy because I liked to heal. As everyone knows one of the best things you could do in this game was to use the health spray to spray your team mates down ladders over and over while they would try to climb up. I loved something about each character that I think they're all my favorite looking back. It really is hard picking when they all were great!

Just look at 'em!

Not pictured were my two other characters that I played with a lot toward the end which were Dorothy and Ms. Water! We just loved her voice (it was the same on both bonus characters.) We also still say "THANS" in real life because of her voice overs. This game is literally one of my all-time favorites. I always think back to it and it brings me back to a good time in my life! I'm so glad I had sense enough at the time with my then-young self to pick it up and play it. I could have easily missed out on its greatness. When we get our game room in order I definitely want to have something dedicated to this game in it!  ~PEACH
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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1611202 2020-11-02T04:53:00Z 2020-12-15T08:22:13Z My first Splatoween is in the books!

Unfortunately I didn't take many screen caps but I had A LOT of fun with my best buds playing Splatoween 2020! I actually saved some 30 second clips that I want to compile in a short video but other than that, I don't have much to show! I was thankful to experience this event because I LOVE Halloween! We were on Team Treat and we won! Hurray!

Edited to add pics my bud sent me of us! <3

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1608948 2020-10-27T04:04:35Z 2020-10-27T04:06:43Z Halloween Update on my island!

I haven't been blogging much because I've been gaming 24/7! My bad! I've got my ACNH island under spooky construction meanwhile, I just started up FFXI and I'm redoing the upper floor of my mog house (also spookified), AND I'm also currently obsessing over Splatoon 2. I literally can not get off that game!

Here are some pics of what's going on in Halloween town (aka my island). That's not really the name of my island but still.

As mentioned in my previous update about the new Halloween update for AC, I needed to clear some overgrowth and get my island in shape to decorate for Halloween. It wasn't easy. I managed to get all my flowers organized and sectioned off and moved on to adding the DIYs! You can see above, I started adding a few DIY's here and there.

I also planted THOUSANDS of pumpkins. I also DIY'ed THOUSANDS of jack-o-lanterns.

I downloaded this cute fall sweater design. It's so perfect in every way. Thank you to the kind ghoul who created it. It's fall AND spooky in one which basically describes me and my entire life. 

I don't want to reveal all of my island just yet because it's just not ready! I can't wait though! AND why are items coming out on OCT 31? I need them, like NOW! I'm patiently waiting to get the rest of the Halloween items but it's killin' me not to already have them. Bummer! I want to be able to enjoy the spookiness all month!~

And lastly, here is my town square before the Halloween updates... stay tuned for my next post where I'll reveal the spooky makeover and more! I really added a bit of Halloween everywhere on my island because I went a little bit nuts. 

Get ready for the spookiness!~

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1599827 2020-10-02T18:47:26Z 2020-10-02T19:12:54Z ACNH HALLOWEEN UPDATE!

I want to start out by saying I have been waiting for the Halloween update since I first started playing this game. From the moment I named my island and set foot on it, I was already prepping and planning to spook up a big portion of my island. Even the Fall update was a huge deal for me and I'm constantly crafting items that I'll be keeping out all year long!


My island had taken a turn for the worse when my flowers decided to spread all over. Every nook and cranny (haha) in at least 4 areas was full and I desperately needed to do a major overhaul before the update on the 30th! In addition to that, it was also crunch time for me because I had to decorate my real house for Halloween too. It was a major fiasco!

At any rate, here is how the overrun portions of my island looked and I was ashamed.

To say it was bad was an understatement.

I did not get photos of the other areas that were overrun but they were quite possibly worse than the screenshots above!

I got to work removing every flower and started landscaping which is my favorite thing to do on this game. I put it off due to the amount of time it takes and just feeling overwhelmed. I'm so pleased to say I took care of every area I wanted to except one so far! It's coming along nicely. 


Now with the overrun flowers mostly taken care of and with the update officially here I could actually get to work on haunting my island. I bought my pumpkins and started planting away. After going through several shovels, it occurred to me that the pumpkins were the missing piece of the puzzle this entire time. Suddenly everything I did and planted was exactly perfect in every way and adding the pumpkins to the scenes I created was the ultimate finishing touch!

Starting off with the area mentioned above, I totally cleaned it up! Here's how it looks now with the pumpkins presently in the ground and growing!

Here's the lower level with even more pumpkins!

This portion is not even going to be "Halloween related" yet (I don't think) but throwing in the pumpkins definitely tied it together for me. I wonder if they can stay there forever?

IN PROGRESS are the following areas:

-Haunted Maze
-Spooky Forest
-Ghouls Garden
-Pumpkin Patch with vendor
-Halloween vendors
-Halloween Party area

So what have I accomplished so far? Here's a sneak peek! 

This is not the most recent photo and things have slightly changed since it was taken. I totally removed every landscaping featured I had in front of Nook's Cranny to make sure the pumpkins would be visible near the door. I changed it up enough so the Halloween features on the building could also be visible. I can't wait to add more spooky decor near the entrance!

Next I have my pumpkin patch vendor booth!

I'll be adding pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns around this area but I love the bare bones of it so far!

I can't wait to post about the rest of my island. As I continue to work on it, I'll add more updates!

In the meantime, another interesting thing that happened when the new update hit was one of my first Halloween DIY's! I actually obtained and crafted the scarecrow DIY the same day I crafted a scareacrow IRL. Talk about when world's collide! It was completely epic! (see pic below)

LOT'S more to come! This is just the beginning. If you're interested in some of my IRL Halloween decor, here's my spooky blog and instagram dedicated to everything Halloween! 

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1575835 2020-07-21T15:49:33Z 2020-07-21T15:50:57Z Journey through The Last of Us Part II - Halloween Edition

I started playing The Last of Us Part II about 2 weeks ago. I estimate it taking me several months to beat due to a variety of reasons. Resetti has already finished the game and is watching my play through. I'm enjoying it so far! I have taken some screenshots/photos along my journey and was surprised to stumble upon some in-game Halloween decorations. Needless to say, I just had to capture them! 

My one question is, who on the Naughty Dog team is addicted to Halloween? #ImWithYou!

Halloween was also featured in the DLC "Left Behind" from the original TLOU. 

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1570537 2020-07-08T01:51:14Z 2020-07-08T01:54:29Z Animal Crossing Wand Outfits

It's been awhile since my last post! I started playing Animal Crossing again and even started playing The Last of Us Part II! I won't talk about The Last of Us right now, but so far so good!

Back to Animal Crossing, I recently got hooked again. By hooked, I mean, I play as soon as I wake up and it's the last thing I do before going to bed FOR HOURS. During the day I hop on here and there when I have time. I was so excited about the Bug-Off, I played until there were no more prizes to be won (aka I started getting duplicate prizes.) Even then, I kept playing to win more prizes to give away or have double. 

All this time I have been playing, I have completely neglected the wardrobe part of the game. LIKE, COMPLETELY. I have wands and use 'em all the time but never really shopped for any new wardrobe. I always put together outfits based off stuff that was gifted to me by islanders. That brings me to this post!

I decided to showcase my wand outfits because I'm actually excited about 'em! I overlooked the wardrobe part of the game for entirely too long! Here are my outfits for 2020!

Cat Outfits 

Can you tell the cat shirt is what prompted my sudden desire to do more with my wardrobe?! :D

Purple Player takes the lead!

Blue one!

Green player takes the lead!

Tourist Outfit/Bug Catching Outfit

Kimono/Pure elegance

Bath and Bedtime

*Peachio casts sleepga!*

My shower outfit.

Work Outfit/Splatoon outfit

So there you have it! All my updated outfits as of July 2020! 

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1551039 2020-05-28T19:08:59Z 2020-05-31T00:30:51Z Days Gone Chronicles - The End of the Road

Welcome to my post where I share all my thoughts and memories about Days Gone! After beating the game last week, I couldn't stop blabbering to my husband about how much I loved the game. This post will contain spoilers near the bottom half of the post so just be aware of that! Here's the thank you note from Bend Studios after you beat Days Gone. Was it just me or did this make anybody else emotional? 

Who knew a simple thank you note from the developers would give me the feels.

I've been contemplating this post for a few days because there is so much I want to say about this game and I want to do it justice. I'll start by saying if you are a fan of PlayStation, this game is for you. If you love the game The Last of Us, this game is meant for you more than even you may know. Why? I included these two things to convince you to play it for a one main reason which was actually that I needed convincing myself! It is now hands down my favorite game but I didn't start playing the game with the usual initial excitement that I have when I'm playing a game I've been anticipating. An example would be when I first played Detroit: Become Human and was extremely excited about it and had been watching trailer after trailer in anticipation of it or how excited I am waiting for Cyberpunk 2077. I get giddy when I see a Cyperpunk poster or article because it's something I'm looking forward to! Days Gone for me started out without that anticipation and looking back, it makes me so sad!

My husband actually gifted me Days Gone for my birthday in May 2019. A literal year later, I have finally beat this game almost to the day of my birthday. This is not unusual for me because during this time I was a mommy of a 1 year old transitioning into a toddler and my days of gaming were becoming non-existent. I was excited when I opened this gift for the first time but for some reason, I actually had no idea about this game called Days Gone. My mind doesn't remember seeing any trailers or reading any information about it beforehand. I may have but my memory isn't going to allow me to ever know the truth. I'm always happy to receive games as gifts, especially from my husband. At the time I could have been playing other games and I don't like to start a new game while I'm in the middle of another so I don't think I wanted to give it my full attention at the time. 

I remember popping the game in and starting out as Deacon St. John getting on my bike and riding down run-down roads for the first time. I distinctly remember approaching a tunnel that was crowded with abandoned vehicles just thinking: "This game is already too scary for me!" Coming from me now, this is really quite sad. I guess you could say I'm no longer as fearless as I was as when I was younger and playing Silent Hill and Fatal Frame for the first time. I have since aged quite considerably and most of my gaming these days are happy games where you can't even die. I decided Days Gone wasn't really for me because I couldn't even make it to the first save point after several attempts. I would quit before ever reaching it so I actually played the intro a few times before I realized I needed to reach a certain point in order to save the game!

Fast forward - I picked up the game here and there, on and off for a couple of months. Little by little I pushed my way further and further into the story. The main enemies in the game are called Freakers and they're everywhere. They literally scared me. Freakers are fast and not usually deadly on their own but their strength comes in numbers. Two Freakers may not kill you but as a new player, 3-4 might wipe you out. Eventually I would learn the enemies would get harder with the introduction of Breakers and eventually Reachers. Add in some wildlife including some rabid and infected wolves and bears and you're in for a world of hurt. 

It took me several more attempts of playing it to lessen my fear of playing this game. I progressed through the story after a few months of picking it up in my downtime and eventually got hooked on the open world. I think I spent a lot of time exploring initially and this is why it took me so long to get through the first stretch of the game. I don't regret it! Looking  back, it's the best thing I could have done. I was unknowingly prolonging the game by searching every nook and cranny and it led me to develop a deep fascination with the environment. I was completely immersed in this game and I didn't even realize how much I was until now. Days Gone was a game-changer for me and it took me awhile, months even to get in the groove and feel that way. 

I could have most likely beat this game last year or even earlier this year but I actually stopped playing for whatever reason. I wasn't playing any other game with a story because that's just not how I game, but I was playing happier or quick games when I could. I eventually picked up Crash Bandicoot, Earth Night, Splatoon 2, Moving Out, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons just to name a few. My Days Gone days were almost up and with caring for my toddler son, I thought I would never have a moment's peace to continue the game. Eventually though, I was able to pick it up a few days out of the week and got hooked AGAIN. All was going well and I was on the road to the end. I even joined some Days Gone groups on Facebook but a few people made some comments that were off-putting about the story and with one of the trophies and it made me not want to play for awhile mostly because I didn't want the game to end. I know that sounds dumb but I was enjoying this game so much, I put it off because I actually didn't know if I truly wanted to see the ending. About a week and a half before my birthday near the end of May 2020 I decided it was time to finish this puppy off. I reluctantly decided I was going to go all the way and finish Days Gone for my own sanity. With all of the quests, it was easier said than done. To top it off, I had a lot of surprises that left me with no supplies so I had to spend several times just collecting in order to prepare for the battles ahead. 

When I actually beat the game, I felt so happy because the story felt complete. In other words, this game was made as if there wouldn't be a Days Gone 2. This part is important to note because you want to feel a sense of closure after all of the hours you poured in. It didn't disappoint. Also, the people I mentioned earlier in the Facebook group were attempting to spoil a part of the storyline in regard Deacon's love interest(s) and I let them to some degree but it turns out, I think they were just being trolls. The game ended up as I had hoped and it was great.

Below I'll highlight my journey to the end in screenshots WITH SPOILERS. I contained myself as best as I could above and even on our Twitter. I have refrained from posting screenshots because I really don't want to ruin the story for anybody who hasn't picked this game up yet. It MATTERS in this game more than ever. So be prepared for some major STORY SPOILERS BELOW. Do not CONTINUE if you want to get the full experience of Days Gone first. The spoilers will be written and in the form of screenshots! 


Journey to end in photos.

My journey to the end included coming face to face with the Horde at the Old Sawmill. I had encountered this horde earlier on in the game and it scared me. Looking back, I was sure I wasn't going to be able to ever beat it. I did attempt to disturb the horde early on in the game to try to kill off as many freakers as I could to help me when I actually had to fight it but as it turns out I hardly made a dent. 

When I started the horde fight I had enough firepower to knock it down to about 25% and the rest was just running and using whatever I had left. I used plenty of napalm and throwables to start. 

As my supplies dwindled, I used my guns along with focus to slowly take out the remainder of the horde. You can see below I had quite a few left to deal with. This may look like a small amount of freakers but it's enough to easily take you down. 

A screenshot taken shortly after defeating the last horde in the story mode of the game. After defeating the horde I went around and collected any supplies I could around the area. I actually discovered this ramp on top of Old Sawmill where the freakers sleep. 

It was surprising to me because there is really no way I would have found this with the freakers present or even when running away from them. It was like a hidden gem! I thought it looked really cool and wondered how it would have looked if the freakers chased me down it. After all was said and done, I went back to the Lost Lake camp and sold my bounties which was the highest number I've sold yet just from the Old Sawmill horde alone (500+)!

Just when I was getting anxious and thought the end was near, I end up going on the last mission of the game which is to hit the Wizard Island militia before they can strike Lost Lake again. 

I'm not sure why the whole cutscene leading up to getting to the camp made me emotional. I didn't have the desire to cry or anything but I was so anxious because I felt like my journey with Deacon was coming to an end. I actually felt his emotions as if I were really Deacon. I know that's going to sound strange but it was just that intense and so was even getting to this point in the game.

Here are a few more pics of the aftermath of beating the game. I can just tell you, it was a great ride. I felt such sorrow that the game was over. I actually felt better when I realized there was plenty left to still do in game so I didn't feel as bad!


I know I'm showing screenshots of my final moments in game, which hopefully you are not seeing if you saw my "SPOILERS" warning above but I really don't want to go into too much detail about who these people or are what actually happened with them in the story. It's really something one has to experience for themselves! I will say this, I loved how the story ended and I am 100% happy with the outcome. I did cry a little with the major loss at Lost Lake prior to reaching the end of the game and then a few times earlier in the game when Deacon would have flashbacks of he and Sarah or when Deacon and Sarah would have encounters together after you discover (MAJOR SPOILER) she's still alive! (MAJOR SPOILER)

I just couldn't help but love their storyline even if it wasn't a PERFECT ending or happen the way some people would have wanted it to. I loved every moment of it because this game wouldn't be what it is without that passion coming from Deacon. Here are some of my favorite moments with Deacon and Sarah!

I also took a few more screenshots from earlier in the game and couldn't share them with anyone as much as I wanted to. I just needed to make the right post and it needed to be the right time. These screens show some fonder memories of Deacon and Sarah.

If anybody was like me, from the beginning you think Sarah could still be alive. You also wonder if she is, where is she and who is she with. You wonder if she will even still love Deacon at this point of if she's moved on. Is he fighting for nothing even if he does find her? The above screens show a happy couple but also reveal Sarah's commitment to her research and her job at Cloverdale Research. She's involved in some major stuff but you just don't know to what extent yet.

Lastly, when you encounter the new Sarah at Wizard Island SPOILER (after discovering she's alive) SPOILER she is known as the Wizard Island Witch. She doesn't even look happy to see Deacon. It was a bit of a let down at first but little by little she shows him more and more of her true self. It's obvious she can't run into his open arms being in a militia and all. Deacon picks up on her little hints and ultimately realizes she is still in love with him. He continues to fight for her and to free her from the militia's control.

Despite how people may feel about Sarah, she was a big part of the story and the game wouldn't be what it is without her there fueling all of Deacon's actions. I know I posted a lot of screenshots of them but she's important, he's important and their relationship drives the basis for this entire game! 

Another great memory from the game is the crazy adventures I had with Boozer. As his best bud, I went from thinking he was going to die several times, coming close to death (literally) to depression and sickness and (MAJOR SPOILER) actually losing him and then realizing he was actually alive. What a trip! I can't say enough good things about Boozeman! He's a wonderful character and I was glad he was by my side. I want to say I thought he was actually dead for a second but deep down I knew he was still alive.

Here's some pics from our adventures together.

And then they pulled this at the end! ...Which I was glad! We needed Boozer to finish this game out with us or it just wouldn't have felt right. 

Alright, so that's it for this post! I know it was long. It you stuck with me for entire post, thank you. I really care about this game. Took me a few days to write this and get the images up on my off time with having my son constantly at my hip. I'll be posting a few of my end-game adventures along with some videos of fighting some of the hordes still in the games. As I mentioned before, there is still plenty to see and do in this game which makes the blow of it being over have a little less sting. Look out for my upcoming posts as I venture about in the world of Days Gone end-game style!

Peach & Resetti
tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1548574 2020-05-23T09:12:49Z 2020-05-23T09:19:00Z Days Gone Chronicles - More hordes and a slight hold up.

My Days Gone journey is going a lot better since I last posted! I've had some ups and downs and frankly, I almost wanted to give up on "What it takes to survive" because it took me so long to gather all the materials and supplies I needed to fight the horde that I made myself nauseous. It turned out the horde wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be but it was still a challenge for me even fully stocked up. The biggest challenge was actually SEEING. I couldn't see anything in that dark cave! I kept running all the wrong ways which did not help. As far as actually taking the horde down with my stock, I believe I died once just because I caught up and the horde jumped on me. After that I felt like I didn't have what it took to survive but I ultimately beat it!

After beating the horde, I started working on more missions. During that I encountered a Reacher roaming about. They appear now as enemies throughout the regions with colder climates. He appeared near the mission I was doing so I had a couple of encounters with him. I'm fascinated by their design. I love the hairs growing out of their backs for some reason. 

Back to the mission, it was a motorcycle chase and for the life of me, I could not beat it! I tried at least 6 times before throwing in the towel for the night.Today I went back and tried again. On my third attempt, I finally beat the chase and I felt relieved and like I could move on with my life at last. I definitely had to get smart about it though and use some strategies like parking my bike as close to me as I could to jump on faster and also cut across an area in the beginning of the chase that I didn't even realize I could in prior attempts. Lastly, I think luck had a bit to do with it! After shooting his tires down I actually ended up going off the path and somehow managed to get back on it while ramming into his bike, eventually knocking him off which caused me to beat the mission. I lucked out for sure!

I also burned some nests and fought another horde since I last posted. I have also since avoided a horde as well.

During the horde and nest battles, a Breaker appeared out of nowhere and nearly made lunch meat out of me! I find the Breakers to be more of a challenge than the Reachers but that's just me!

I also took a neat screenshot of my new weapon. I want to say I obtained it after killing a horde possibly as a reward. Things are getting hazy because I've done so much since just yesterday.

Lastly, the following two screenshots are freakers in unusual positions. They're just sitting there waiting, lost in thought perhaps, or just sleeping. The one sitting in the car catapulted toward me when I got too close to him. I'll be back with more progress posts sooner rather than later!

Peach & Resetti
tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1546937 2020-05-19T19:06:42Z 2020-05-19T19:35:35Z Days Gone Chronicles - Reaching the End

I know I'm nearing the End of the game Days Gone and it makes me feel worried about HOW it will end.

I was actually minding my own business, admiring the scenery in the game and on my way to another mission when I stumbled upon another horde. I decided to go ahead and take it out because I was fully stocked up. It took me a little longer than it probably should have but I'm not complaining! I cleared a bit over 300 freakers.

Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there as I accidentally made my way to the mission "What it takes to survive" for O'Brien, a member of NERO (the National Emergency Response Organization.) This mission takes place in a cave and you're actually sent in by O'Brien to search for his missing team members, including his friend so their families can have closure. Deacon is a little surprised they have families that even need closure considering the rest of the population has lost everyone they love.

As soon as I found all the members and learned their fates, a cutscene triggered and shortly after that, I was fighting my first Reacher boss. I thought this was going to be intense but it was actually easier to fight than a Breaker, which are overgrown freakers. 

It was relatively easy to take out the Reacher and after that I was informed by O'Brien I needed to remove a tracker from it which would help in locating when hordes were on the move. This action triggered the next action, which was O'Brien then informing me that the horde was heading straight into the cave.

As you can imagine, I was not ready for this due to depleting my inventory fighting a horde right before entering the cave. As luck would have it, I waited and collected what little gear was available in the cave and waited but nothing happened. The horde never came. I was getting agitated so I had to look up how to trigger the horde to enter but it turns out this was a glitch that has happened to several people. The horde never materialized for whatever reason and I read you needed to restart the entire game and system. After doing that, I loaded the game back up and I immediately had to restart at the checkpoint just before the Reacher appeared. I couldn't make my way out of the cave to gear up and I tried! When I would try to exit it would restart the checkpoint on the mission back in the cave as if I died. 

After giving it a second go, I killed the Reacher again and the horde poured in! I wasn't ready. I had no time to prepare. I didn't even have time to pick up the nearby items before they filled the room. All I had on me to use were bombs I had to set, which I had no time to set. I managed to eventually use them all but with my limited health and almost no throwables (cocktails, bombs, or napalm) I was underprepared and no match for the horde. After trying at least 3 times or more, I decided I was getting frustrated and I was also too tired to continue. It was early morning already. I decided to do what I fear doing the most, which was going back to the previous save before the cave. 

It was a hard choice but I did it! I decided to stock up on materials to the best of my ability which seemed to take extra long! I really had to search for every thing I had while avoiding being attacked to not use up what I just stocked up on. It was quite a journey. It took me at least 2-3 hours or more to search for everything I needed to be fully stocked. You wouldn't believe how just searching for materials can take so long in this game! I ran into the worst scenarios such as a Rager (Rabid Bear) and a Breaker (Huge Freaker) together TWICE on two separate occasions (see above video), ambush camps, motorcycle accidents, snipers, and more hordes.

It was a struggle but now that I'm stocked, I'm ready to take on the horde in "What it takes to survive!" The above pic shows a Breaker chasing me when all I wanted to do was collect supplies. I was lucky though because I did run into a NERO campsite where I was able to use the NERO injector to increase my stamina again for the hordes. This game definitely doesn't make things easy! 


Peach & Resetti
tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1543365 2020-05-12T10:24:27Z 2020-05-12T10:28:16Z I killed my first horde! #DaysGone

I finally got to the point in the game where I had to face a horde head-on! I actually died twice at 25% before beating it. Third times a charm! I was able to knock the horde out using mostly napalm, molotov cocktails, my gun, and shooting explosive barrels. I did a lot of running too and used distractors as often as I could. For some reason my husband kept talking to me while I was fighting the horde and I couldn't figure out what was so important. Anyway, I'll give a brief (aka long) summary of what I did!

The first thing I did was park my bike in this spot. It seems like the most obvious spot to park the bike after getting the cutscene with Captain Kouri. If I needed to jump back on, it was in a good spot for me to get to.

After dying twice, I was able to get a better sense of where things were. I started out with distractors to attract a portion of the horde but of course, they all came running as soon as the napalm went off.

After the napalm hit, I took off running without any stamina boosts unfortunately. Gradually I kept repeating this process utilizing as many of my throwables as I could. I also mostly ran through the big rigs in the area because I was able to climb them which helped when my stamina depleted. The best thing I did was never stop running. I had some close-calls but I kept moving and if I had a good distance between the horde and I, I would pop some health or craft more cocktails/napalm when and where I could. It all went relatively well but let me be the first to say, it had my adrenaline at an all-time high! What a rush! I thought I probably shouldn't be getting that excited or I might need to check my blood pressure. :( I can't recall a more intense in-game battle personally! 

The bonus was earning a trophy!

After killing off my first horde, I went to sell the remains. Turned out to be 251 freakers!

Although I was so relieved and excited to kill my first horde (its been building up to this point), I was actually more shooketh by the progression of the story with Deacon and Sarah! I took a break from this game because I didn't want to actually beat it but I have determined the time has come. I'm going for it! This game is truly shaping up to becoming my all-time favorite game and that's saying A LOT! Stay tuned for more! ~@Peachio

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1538933 2020-05-02T21:22:06Z 2020-05-02T21:24:52Z Update on my mog garden!

Here's an update on my mog garden/landscaping in Animal Crossing! My shrubs finally grew in and most of my flowers are blooming! I thought I should post this before I actually get the ability to make paved walkways and trails because I want to be able to see the evolution of my island.

I also added a little area to relax on the beach with my friends. XD

And lastly, here are a few photos from my friends flowers! They inspired me to grow new colors.

Peach & Resetti
tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1535213 2020-04-24T22:51:28Z 2020-05-02T21:27:02Z What’s on the agenda? April/2020

My progress in Animal Crossing is going well. Yesterday’s update allowed me to plant shrubs so I thought I would show off my entryway to my island! Here’s the ‘before’ pics and the after pics will come in a few days when they actually fully grow in. They’re getting there!

EDIT: See the updated landscaping!

I’m essentially using the shrubs to create a path even though I have plenty of fencing options available. The fences block off views that I want to keep which is why I went with the iron fence at the entryway.

I also visited a friend’s island (her husband’s house) and found that he had this dungeon as his living room. Eerie!

I’ve been playing Splatoon 2 lately as well. I’m now level 10 which sounds n00bish and it should.

I just tweeted a clip of me surviving someone trying to own me several times. I was actually shocked I survived because I don’t play to splat people, I just try to avoid them and cover ground.

Lastly, I’m getting back into trying to beat Earth Night with mostly epic fails. I’ve also been putting off Days Gone for a number of reasons but I think it’s time to finish it off. I’m close! ~@Peachio]]>
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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1524132 2020-03-26T21:03:31Z 2020-04-08T18:21:35Z What's on the agenda? March/2020

I took a week off of gaming after playing Earth Night for one complete day and not being able to beat the game the entire day. I actually don't know if I played the entire day because at some point I know I ate and looked after my son. Haha! Well, since then I've been taking a break from Earth Night, which is an amazingly fun game about dragons taking over the world. Humans have given up the fight and fled to live in spaceships.  ...BUT not all humans. Some want to fight for Earth, hence Earth Night! Here are a few screenshots from the game to prove how awesome it looks but if seeing is believing, hearing is as well. The music in this game is so perfect for this game, that I can not even begin to explain it in words. Just go play! I plan to make a video of my gameplay in the future and I'll update this post when I do! (IF I ever beat it.) The last level is insanely hard. Okay, the last two levels are. :( 

Up next, while looking through PSN for a better internet browser to watch the local news, which I did not find by the way, I actually stumbled upon this app called AquaTV. It's basically a digital fish tank screensaver. The kick is, you can design it yourself and add the fishes you want in it, adjust the backgrounds, gravel, and more. It's very limited but still fun. My favorite part is actually the reef design. Check out the screens below! It does cost $9.99 but it's a small price to pay to be able to enjoy it!

I also took time to try the Resident Evil 3 demo, which I found to be "too scary." This is coming from a now 35-year-old woman! I must warn you, the first time I picked up this game I was much younger and enjoyed survival horror games including all the frights that come with it. Now, I have grown weak and frail. I really don't think I can handle it, but it was so much fun! I found it to be a bit hard believe it or not. I think the zombies were more powerful than I was expecting. Since I've been playing Days Gone and the typical freakers go down without a fight, it was a shocker to have the RE zombies be surprisingly resilient. At any rate, while I was playing I said to myself, the only thing that could make this worse is having Nemesis pop out and as soon as I opened the next door, a cut scene with Nemesis played and I was not ready for it! I did record my play-through so when we are able to get that up, I'll update this post with the link. I also died once! :(

Lastly, Resetti and I did try out the game Moving Out together. I uploading a few screens to Twitter after we played but here are a few more. I really had a lot of fun with it. Definitely one of those "feel good" games for sure! It's sure to make you laugh and probably fight (irl), and yell at anybody you're playing with. Can't wait for this one to drop April 28th, 2020! I'm happy to be a F.A.R.T! (Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician) 
We did not record any gameplay of us doing co-op (2 player) but I went back and played solo and did capture my experience. That video will be up in a few days as well. :) Stay tuned! 

UPDATE: Moving Out demo vid now up on our YouTube channel. Click below!

What's good for next month? Definitely more "Moving Out" and hope to finish Days Gone--which I have been putting off because I don't want the game to end.

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1509701 2020-02-15T04:48:06Z 2020-02-15T04:48:06Z Valentine's Cards for nerdy gamers (2020 Edition) I'm late with making these but I whipped up some nerdy Valentine's tonight. Feel free to use 'em. Share the love and retweet! Hugs & Happy Valentine's Day! 

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1507018 2020-02-06T15:37:15Z 2020-02-06T15:39:59Z Gamer Throwback || Final Fantasy Birthday Surprise

My husband and I have been out of the blogging scene for awhile now. Along the way, we managed to accomplish wonderful things individually and together! Now that we're back into gaming and blogging, we have a lot to talk about. A lot has happened over the years for us and to us. Which is why I thought it would be fitting to start a weekly blog called Gamer Throwback for #ThrowbackThursday. I thought it would be a great way to introduce some old content for the first time! 

With my first post, I'd like to share some Final Fantasy cupcakes I ordered for my husband. The fine girls @ a local company in my hometown called Oak Cliff Cupcake Co. took my silly idea and brought it to life in the most creative and fun way. First, I thought long and hard about what my husband would probably want without ever realizing it. I wanted him to have a "wow" reaction and to do that, I decided to pull inspiration from his favorite MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. I then decided on the cactuar due to the simplicity of the design and I thought it could be replicated without too much of a hassle. We also had tons of fun playing together in Altepa desert being slaughtered by the cactuar's 1000 needles. Those were memorable times, so I thought it would make him smile to see those adorable yet deadly little enemies on his cupcakes. /run away /call for help!

The moogle on the other hand, looked like it would be more challenging but the girls made it happen. It required more color, more sculpting and, more finesse. I also chose the color of the icing for each and it couldn't have been better. These aren't the first time we've ordered video game themed cakes or cupcakes, and it won't be the last. Another of our favorites based off of FFXI was our wedding cake. We'll share that one later and come back and link it here when we do!

In the meantime, enjoy these wonderfully crafted, totally adorable, and delicious FFXI themed cupcakes!

Peach & Resetti
tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1503980 2020-01-29T04:47:57Z 2020-01-29T04:59:33Z PlayStation Gear you need to get! - Retired Gamers Unbox!

Retired Gamers unbox merch and apparel from the PlayStation Gear online store. We decided to make this video because there are very few unboxing videos of PlayStation Gear and we wanted to see the items ourselves.

Link: https://youtu.be/tJ4FWBBrQ8g via YouTube

In this video we unbox the following: 
- PlayStation Logo buttons - Sold Out
Gradient Symbols Logo Tee 
PlayStation Multicolored Soccer Ball
Old School Jean Jacket - PlayStation and Fairplay 

Check out what the rest of the PlayStation Gear Store has to offer here: https://gear.playstation.com/ 

Hope this helps you in making your purchase! Please Like and Subscribe! 

Check us out on twitter: @RetiredGamerz
Our Blog at: http://retiredgamers.peachio.com
Instagram: retiredgamers

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1498036 2020-01-11T18:35:34Z 2020-01-17T21:42:34Z Crash Bandicoot Loot Unboxing! (NOW AVAILABLE)

UPDATE: The video is now available to watch below or by clicking here!

We're gearing up to do our first unboxing video! What better unboxing to do than Crash Bandicoot! I'm actually playing Crash N. Sane Trilogy and it's my go-to game right now to unwind. To top it off, our 23-month-old son is currently obsessed with watching me play Crash. He asks me to play 'game' and play 'Crash' and I am unable to resist. When we found this amazing Crash loot crate at our local Fry's Electronics, we couldn't put it in the cart fast enough. We can't wait to unearth the treasures inside with you! Look out for the unboxing in the coming days! 

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1494981 2020-01-03T04:35:44Z 2020-01-03T05:32:22Z 10 Best Video Game Songs by Peach
Although this post was a part of my personal blog five years ago, I decided to release this post again on our new blog here at Retired Gamers because these are still my favorite songs to this day. I mention that I wanted to do a Part II below and I will, but for now please enjoy this blast from the past!

Note: While I wish I could have included more, these are my top ten favorite video game songs. I may will make a Part II just to include the rest of the songs that I enjoy from more recent games that I want to share. The purpose of this post is not to say that only my opinion matters, instead it is meant to introduce a whole new world of music to visitors who most likely would never have encountered these songs on their own.

Beyond: Two Souls - Lost Cause
Beck / Ellen Page

>> MOCAP here! 

Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes On Me
Angela Aki

Final Fantasy X - Suteki da Ne

Final Fantasy IX - Melodies of Life
Emiko Shiratori 

The Last of Us - Theme
Gustavo Santaolalla

>> Live theme here! 

Silent Hill 3 - Hometown

Walking Dead - Take Us Back
Alela Diane

Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 
- Intro Theme
Akihiko Matsumoto

Parasite Eve
 - Primal Eyes
Yoko Shimomura 

Silent Hill - ORT

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1493234 2019-12-26T03:20:46Z 2020-01-03T05:33:41Z Merry PlayStation Christmas from The Retired Gamers!
Last year, we bought a new Twinkly Christmas tree and we were so excited about it because it was our first tree we picked out as a family. After it was up, it went several weeks without a star. I actually couldn't find one I liked and they were all relatively expensive. At some point, I put up our LED PlayStation light we picked up at GameStop and it seemed to fit perfectly.

With this tree, we were also able to match the PlayStation colors and it looked really nice! (colors not pictured, lol)

This year, I decided to make some ornaments to add to the tree. However, I decided to do this after the tree was already up and crowded with ornaments. I decided it would be best to do a photoshoot rather than stuff them on the tree this year! They came out great! 

They're extremely easy to make it you'd like to make your own. I'll briefly describe how I did it and I'll even provide the template I made below.

Here's what you'll need:

-Glitter paper matched to the PlayStation controller button colors (found at Hobby Lobby)
-X-acto knife + mat to cut on
-String or fishing line to hang ornaments
-Ornament template (two sizes available)

Here's the paper I picked out at Hobby Lobby. I tried to match it as best as I could. I also made ornaments in alternating gold and silver! You can do any colors you'd like. I believe these were $1.59-$1.99.

Now, before you begin you can probably free-draw and cut these out just fine but if you want a more consistent and professional look and feel, the template is available to download here. I made two sizes for the template which are small and large. Print out the template page you'd like to use before beginning.


Turn the paper with the glitter side down and simply place the template on top. With a pencil, trace onto the glitter paper to leave an indent of the symbol. Next, on top of a cutting mat, carefully cut out the symbols. To cut out the circle, I actually used a tool called a Circle Spin & Trim which makes cutting out circles a breeze. It's not necessary to use because you can cut the circles out by hand, but I bought it to make other crafts with so I decided to use it in order to have a clean cut. If you're interested, here's the link  from Hobby Lobby and don't forget to use the 40% off coupon!

Finally, after all the pieces are cut add a string to each ornament and hang on a tree or garland. To hide the strings, I actually hot glued them on the back. 

The gold and silver were actually made in the small size and the colored ornaments were made in the larger size.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and hope you can put together some ornaments of your own!

Finally, I'd like to share a photo of the topper I made. It needs some work but next year I have an idea to make it more sturdy. This will have to do for now. Merry Gamers Christmas!


Peach & Resetti
tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1492513 2019-12-24T01:35:41Z 2020-01-03T05:34:12Z Christmas throwback!

On this day four years ago I was for sure I was losing it.

Merry Christmas! 

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tag:retiredgamers.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1490981 2019-12-20T00:13:28Z 2019-12-20T07:15:17Z Retired Gamers Gift Guide (2019)

If you're looking for a gift for that special someone for Christmas or any special day, look no further. Before I begin I should state that this post was geared more toward women because I’m essentially writing what I would like however all the gifts are relatively neutral and are suitable for anyone. I actually compiled this list by doing a late search for a Christmas gift for my husband, but I kept coming across things I wanted for myself. I actually made a Valentine's Day guide on my old blog and it inspired me to make an updated guide for 2019 for Retired Gamers because let's face it, not all women gamers want perfume and jewelry. Some of us just want games, controllers, and plushies. Browse around and enjoy this list, I did all the digging and searching so all you have to do is buy your special hunnie one of the items below and you'll be the talk of the town for being so thoughtful and caring with your gift selections. This list is 100% my own opinion and I'm not being compensated by anyone to share these links. I'm merely a gamer who knows what gamers want. I did not include the prices of each item because money should be no option on these particular gifts that will bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

Playstation Make-up Bag by Bioworld

This is great for putting in make-up if you wear it. I personally do, but I probably wouldn't want to put my make-up in here because I would want to preserve the bag. Make-up can get pretty messy. I would probably use it as a baggy to hold my loose change, phone, or a spare diaper. 

Where to buy:

Playstation Mug 

Perfect for hot chocolate, to display, or just to put cute pencils in on your desk!

Where to buy:

Days Gone Deacon VS Freakers Statue

Are words even necessary for this one? Get this for your loved one and it will be the most epic gift they'll ever get in their lifetime. Although the price may seem a bit steep, the statue is extremely high-quality and the details are literally to-die-for! My favorite part about this statue is of course, a hyper-realistic Deacon St. John and the intense scene being captured with the stack of freakers in different stages of dying. The scene is captured so well that it actually feels like it's occurring in real-time. The gruesomeness is not over the top and overall it perfectly depicts an actual moment in time one might experience in the game rather than just being a simple unanimated pose. THIS ONE IS A WINNER!

Where to buy:

Sweet Tooth Plush

I'm posting this one because I've been wanting it for quite some time now. I actually thought it would be cute to get for my son, but I realized it was really going to be for me if I did buy it. It's super cute and less-intimidating than real Sweet Tooth. It's a win-win! Any fan of Twisted Metal would be delighted to have this deadly baby Sweet Tooth in their collection. 

Where to buy: 
Amazon or Ebay?

Epic Lara Croft Tomb Raider III Statue

This is another no-brainer gift that will be so grand that no other gift given will ever match up to its glory. Classic Lara in one of her most iconic outfits is the perfect gift for any gamer who loves figures. It captures the Lara we all grew up with and is expertly crafted. Another pricey statue, but definitely a collectors item any Tomb Raider fan would love to cherish forever.

Where to buy:

RGB Gaming Keyboard

I'm listing this one because I actually have one similar to the one pictured above. I considered it a Christmas gift because my husband and I picked it out together around Christmas and I love it! It can be programmed to have lighting options of your choosing but I actually just do a multi-colored transition on all the colors. It's practical, functional, and something that will last for awhile. Definitely a good gift to give for someone who loves anything LED and colorful like myself! The brand I have is Tt eSPORTS and thats also what is pictured above.

Where to buy:
I bought mine at Best Buy but you can search for a number of different brands online or in stores. 

Death Stranding (PS4)

This is a game I have been wanting since the moment we caught our first glimpse of it in the eerie and mysterious trailer showing a clip of a strange world, X-files-type black oil, some type of fetus and Norman Reedus. It was compelling and intriguing and we needed it to release so we could play it immediately! Our hype wore out after waiting so long because we're Retired Gamers. We just don't have the energy to wait for games anymore because it allows us to think of all the unused, unplayed, unopened games we already own! So for this reason, we have not made the leap to buy this game. However, it is a game my husband and I still desperately want to play and after adding it to this list, I noticed it is now only $40 at Best Buy! NUTS! 

Where to buy:
Best Buy

Last but not least...

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Electric Purple

This is actually something both my husband and I want. However, we can't justify spending the money on it when we have new, unopened controllers sitting in storage waiting to be played with. This is just one of the new colors released, but it's the only one I'm interested in. This color is outstanding and we've been waiting for a purple controller to come along for awhile. The trouble? We can't even find this in any stores! Too bad Black Friday came and went and this was nowhere to be found. If you are going to drop $65+ for a new controller, let it be this one! It will send any PlayStation fan over the edge!

Where to buy:
Any place that sells controllers!

I hope you enjoyed this guide for 2019! Although some of the items on this list are geared toward women, in reality anyone can appreciate the gifts above. What were your favorites? What are your favorite gifts to give the gamers in your life? Comment and let us know!

Peach & Resetti
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