Days Gone Artbook!

My husband surprised me with this Days Gone art book to inspire me to continue creating art. It has definitely done that! 

In addition to being one of the best designed books and art books I’ve ever laid eyes on, this book is both thorough and informative! It’s completely stunning for the art itself but the layout of each page becomes a new art piece in itself. It’s quite literally a visual masterpiece. I’m learning so much about Days Gone with the notes this art book contains. And, the way this book is designed makes it even more amazing to view. Completely outstanding! I can’t give enough praise to the designer for making this book look and feel complete and for putting as much effort into it that was put into the game. Brilliant! 

Gift from my husband. Thanks Char!

New figures!

My latest figure in my collection! (Thanks to my husband Resetti for surprising me with it!)


I'm a pretty huge Days Gone fan and completed the game while also learning how to care for a newborn child. It was a great experience to have time to really sit down and enjoy this game...very slowly! It took me an entire year to beat and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I never wanted this game to end tbh! It's has become an all-time favorite for me and I am so thankful to finally have something special to remember it by. Here's a few more photos...

I also have another figure on pre-order but I'll post pics when I actually get it! 


This is the most perfect thing I've ever seen!

My questions are:

-Why didn't I know about this statue sooner?
-Why don't I already own it?
-Where can I find it?

I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I know it was a limited edition and it is highly unlikely I will ever get my hands on it but you never know!

Journey didn't start off as my favorite game. I had to play it through once to know that. I still wonder who I was playing with along the way. I bet they don't care or wonder about me but we had a connection. I know we did! This game gives me chills! I really want this for my collection so I will be on the hunt for it. Maybe someone is willing to part with it! To be continued...