Halloween Update on my island!

I haven't been blogging much because I've been gaming 24/7! My bad! I've got my ACNH island under spooky construction meanwhile, I just started up FFXI and I'm redoing the upper floor of my mog house (also spookified), AND I'm also currently obsessing over Splatoon 2. I literally can not get off that game!

Here are some pics of what's going on in Halloween town (aka my island). That's not really the name of my island but still.

As mentioned in my previous update about the new Halloween update for AC, I needed to clear some overgrowth and get my island in shape to decorate for Halloween. It wasn't easy. I managed to get all my flowers organized and sectioned off and moved on to adding the DIYs! You can see above, I started adding a few DIY's here and there.

I also planted THOUSANDS of pumpkins. I also DIY'ed THOUSANDS of jack-o-lanterns.

I downloaded this cute fall sweater design. It's so perfect in every way. Thank you to the kind ghoul who created it. It's fall AND spooky in one which basically describes me and my entire life. 

I don't want to reveal all of my island just yet because it's just not ready! I can't wait though! AND why are items coming out on OCT 31? I need them, like NOW! I'm patiently waiting to get the rest of the Halloween items but it's killin' me not to already have them. Bummer! I want to be able to enjoy the spookiness all month!~

And lastly, here is my town square before the Halloween updates... stay tuned for my next post where I'll reveal the spooky makeover and more! I really added a bit of Halloween everywhere on my island because I went a little bit nuts. 

Get ready for the spookiness!~


I want to start out by saying I have been waiting for the Halloween update since I first started playing this game. From the moment I named my island and set foot on it, I was already prepping and planning to spook up a big portion of my island. Even the Fall update was a huge deal for me and I'm constantly crafting items that I'll be keeping out all year long!


My island had taken a turn for the worse when my flowers decided to spread all over. Every nook and cranny (haha) in at least 4 areas was full and I desperately needed to do a major overhaul before the update on the 30th! In addition to that, it was also crunch time for me because I had to decorate my real house for Halloween too. It was a major fiasco!

At any rate, here is how the overrun portions of my island looked and I was ashamed.

To say it was bad was an understatement.

I did not get photos of the other areas that were overrun but they were quite possibly worse than the screenshots above!

I got to work removing every flower and started landscaping which is my favorite thing to do on this game. I put it off due to the amount of time it takes and just feeling overwhelmed. I'm so pleased to say I took care of every area I wanted to except one so far! It's coming along nicely. 


Now with the overrun flowers mostly taken care of and with the update officially here I could actually get to work on haunting my island. I bought my pumpkins and started planting away. After going through several shovels, it occurred to me that the pumpkins were the missing piece of the puzzle this entire time. Suddenly everything I did and planted was exactly perfect in every way and adding the pumpkins to the scenes I created was the ultimate finishing touch!

Starting off with the area mentioned above, I totally cleaned it up! Here's how it looks now with the pumpkins presently in the ground and growing!

Here's the lower level with even more pumpkins!

This portion is not even going to be "Halloween related" yet (I don't think) but throwing in the pumpkins definitely tied it together for me. I wonder if they can stay there forever?

IN PROGRESS are the following areas:

-Haunted Maze
-Spooky Forest
-Ghouls Garden
-Pumpkin Patch with vendor
-Halloween vendors
-Halloween Party area

So what have I accomplished so far? Here's a sneak peek! 

This is not the most recent photo and things have slightly changed since it was taken. I totally removed every landscaping featured I had in front of Nook's Cranny to make sure the pumpkins would be visible near the door. I changed it up enough so the Halloween features on the building could also be visible. I can't wait to add more spooky decor near the entrance!

Next I have my pumpkin patch vendor booth!

I'll be adding pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns around this area but I love the bare bones of it so far!

I can't wait to post about the rest of my island. As I continue to work on it, I'll add more updates!

In the meantime, another interesting thing that happened when the new update hit was one of my first Halloween DIY's! I actually obtained and crafted the scarecrow DIY the same day I crafted a scareacrow IRL. Talk about when world's collide! It was completely epic! (see pic below)

LOT'S more to come! This is just the beginning. If you're interested in some of my IRL Halloween decor, here's my spooky blog and instagram dedicated to everything Halloween! 

What’s on the agenda? April/2020

My progress in Animal Crossing is going well. Yesterday’s update allowed me to plant shrubs so I thought I would show off my entryway to my island! Here’s the ‘before’ pics and the after pics will come in a few days when they actually fully grow in. They’re getting there!

EDIT: See the updated landscaping!

I’m essentially using the shrubs to create a path even though I have plenty of fencing options available. The fences block off views that I want to keep which is why I went with the iron fence at the entryway.

I also visited a friend’s island (her husband’s house) and found that he had this dungeon as his living room. Eerie!

I’ve been playing Splatoon 2 lately as well. I’m now level 10 which sounds n00bish and it should.

I just tweeted a clip of me surviving someone trying to own me several times. I was actually shocked I survived because I don’t play to splat people, I just try to avoid them and cover ground.

Lastly, I’m getting back into trying to beat Earth Night with mostly epic fails. I’ve also been putting off Days Gone for a number of reasons but I think it’s time to finish it off. I’m close! ~@Peachio