Days Gone Artbook!

My husband surprised me with this Days Gone art book to inspire me to continue creating art. It has definitely done that! 

In addition to being one of the best designed books and art books I’ve ever laid eyes on, this book is both thorough and informative! It’s completely stunning for the art itself but the layout of each page becomes a new art piece in itself. It’s quite literally a visual masterpiece. I’m learning so much about Days Gone with the notes this art book contains. And, the way this book is designed makes it even more amazing to view. Completely outstanding! I can’t give enough praise to the designer for making this book look and feel complete and for putting as much effort into it that was put into the game. Brilliant! 

Gift from my husband. Thanks Char!

New figures!

My latest figure in my collection! (Thanks to my husband Resetti for surprising me with it!)


I'm a pretty huge Days Gone fan and completed the game while also learning how to care for a newborn child. It was a great experience to have time to really sit down and enjoy this game...very slowly! It took me an entire year to beat and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I never wanted this game to end tbh! It's has become an all-time favorite for me and I am so thankful to finally have something special to remember it by. Here's a few more photos...

I also have another figure on pre-order but I'll post pics when I actually get it! 

Days Gone Chronicles - The End of the Road

Welcome to my post where I share all my thoughts and memories about Days Gone! After beating the game last week, I couldn't stop blabbering to my husband about how much I loved the game. This post will contain spoilers near the bottom half of the post so just be aware of that! Here's the thank you note from Bend Studios after you beat Days Gone. Was it just me or did this make anybody else emotional? 

Who knew a simple thank you note from the developers would give me the feels.

I've been contemplating this post for a few days because there is so much I want to say about this game and I want to do it justice. I'll start by saying if you are a fan of PlayStation, this game is for you. If you love the game The Last of Us, this game is meant for you more than even you may know. Why? I included these two things to convince you to play it for a one main reason which was actually that I needed convincing myself! It is now hands down my favorite game but I didn't start playing the game with the usual initial excitement that I have when I'm playing a game I've been anticipating. An example would be when I first played Detroit: Become Human and was extremely excited about it and had been watching trailer after trailer in anticipation of it or how excited I am waiting for Cyberpunk 2077. I get giddy when I see a Cyperpunk poster or article because it's something I'm looking forward to! Days Gone for me started out without that anticipation and looking back, it makes me so sad!

My husband actually gifted me Days Gone for my birthday in May 2019. A literal year later, I have finally beat this game almost to the day of my birthday. This is not unusual for me because during this time I was a mommy of a 1 year old transitioning into a toddler and my days of gaming were becoming non-existent. I was excited when I opened this gift for the first time but for some reason, I actually had no idea about this game called Days Gone. My mind doesn't remember seeing any trailers or reading any information about it beforehand. I may have but my memory isn't going to allow me to ever know the truth. I'm always happy to receive games as gifts, especially from my husband. At the time I could have been playing other games and I don't like to start a new game while I'm in the middle of another so I don't think I wanted to give it my full attention at the time. 

I remember popping the game in and starting out as Deacon St. John getting on my bike and riding down run-down roads for the first time. I distinctly remember approaching a tunnel that was crowded with abandoned vehicles just thinking: "This game is already too scary for me!" Coming from me now, this is really quite sad. I guess you could say I'm no longer as fearless as I was as when I was younger and playing Silent Hill and Fatal Frame for the first time. I have since aged quite considerably and most of my gaming these days are happy games where you can't even die. I decided Days Gone wasn't really for me because I couldn't even make it to the first save point after several attempts. I would quit before ever reaching it so I actually played the intro a few times before I realized I needed to reach a certain point in order to save the game!

Fast forward - I picked up the game here and there, on and off for a couple of months. Little by little I pushed my way further and further into the story. The main enemies in the game are called Freakers and they're everywhere. They literally scared me. Freakers are fast and not usually deadly on their own but their strength comes in numbers. Two Freakers may not kill you but as a new player, 3-4 might wipe you out. Eventually I would learn the enemies would get harder with the introduction of Breakers and eventually Reachers. Add in some wildlife including some rabid and infected wolves and bears and you're in for a world of hurt. 

It took me several more attempts of playing it to lessen my fear of playing this game. I progressed through the story after a few months of picking it up in my downtime and eventually got hooked on the open world. I think I spent a lot of time exploring initially and this is why it took me so long to get through the first stretch of the game. I don't regret it! Looking  back, it's the best thing I could have done. I was unknowingly prolonging the game by searching every nook and cranny and it led me to develop a deep fascination with the environment. I was completely immersed in this game and I didn't even realize how much I was until now. Days Gone was a game-changer for me and it took me awhile, months even to get in the groove and feel that way. 

I could have most likely beat this game last year or even earlier this year but I actually stopped playing for whatever reason. I wasn't playing any other game with a story because that's just not how I game, but I was playing happier or quick games when I could. I eventually picked up Crash Bandicoot, Earth Night, Splatoon 2, Moving Out, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons just to name a few. My Days Gone days were almost up and with caring for my toddler son, I thought I would never have a moment's peace to continue the game. Eventually though, I was able to pick it up a few days out of the week and got hooked AGAIN. All was going well and I was on the road to the end. I even joined some Days Gone groups on Facebook but a few people made some comments that were off-putting about the story and with one of the trophies and it made me not want to play for awhile mostly because I didn't want the game to end. I know that sounds dumb but I was enjoying this game so much, I put it off because I actually didn't know if I truly wanted to see the ending. About a week and a half before my birthday near the end of May 2020 I decided it was time to finish this puppy off. I reluctantly decided I was going to go all the way and finish Days Gone for my own sanity. With all of the quests, it was easier said than done. To top it off, I had a lot of surprises that left me with no supplies so I had to spend several times just collecting in order to prepare for the battles ahead. 

When I actually beat the game, I felt so happy because the story felt complete. In other words, this game was made as if there wouldn't be a Days Gone 2. This part is important to note because you want to feel a sense of closure after all of the hours you poured in. It didn't disappoint. Also, the people I mentioned earlier in the Facebook group were attempting to spoil a part of the storyline in regard Deacon's love interest(s) and I let them to some degree but it turns out, I think they were just being trolls. The game ended up as I had hoped and it was great.

Below I'll highlight my journey to the end in screenshots WITH SPOILERS. I contained myself as best as I could above and even on our Twitter. I have refrained from posting screenshots because I really don't want to ruin the story for anybody who hasn't picked this game up yet. It MATTERS in this game more than ever. So be prepared for some major STORY SPOILERS BELOW. Do not CONTINUE if you want to get the full experience of Days Gone first. The spoilers will be written and in the form of screenshots! 


Journey to end in photos.

My journey to the end included coming face to face with the Horde at the Old Sawmill. I had encountered this horde earlier on in the game and it scared me. Looking back, I was sure I wasn't going to be able to ever beat it. I did attempt to disturb the horde early on in the game to try to kill off as many freakers as I could to help me when I actually had to fight it but as it turns out I hardly made a dent. 

When I started the horde fight I had enough firepower to knock it down to about 25% and the rest was just running and using whatever I had left. I used plenty of napalm and throwables to start. 

As my supplies dwindled, I used my guns along with focus to slowly take out the remainder of the horde. You can see below I had quite a few left to deal with. This may look like a small amount of freakers but it's enough to easily take you down. 

A screenshot taken shortly after defeating the last horde in the story mode of the game. After defeating the horde I went around and collected any supplies I could around the area. I actually discovered this ramp on top of Old Sawmill where the freakers sleep. 

It was surprising to me because there is really no way I would have found this with the freakers present or even when running away from them. It was like a hidden gem! I thought it looked really cool and wondered how it would have looked if the freakers chased me down it. After all was said and done, I went back to the Lost Lake camp and sold my bounties which was the highest number I've sold yet just from the Old Sawmill horde alone (500+)!

Just when I was getting anxious and thought the end was near, I end up going on the last mission of the game which is to hit the Wizard Island militia before they can strike Lost Lake again. 

I'm not sure why the whole cutscene leading up to getting to the camp made me emotional. I didn't have the desire to cry or anything but I was so anxious because I felt like my journey with Deacon was coming to an end. I actually felt his emotions as if I were really Deacon. I know that's going to sound strange but it was just that intense and so was even getting to this point in the game.

Here are a few more pics of the aftermath of beating the game. I can just tell you, it was a great ride. I felt such sorrow that the game was over. I actually felt better when I realized there was plenty left to still do in game so I didn't feel as bad!


I know I'm showing screenshots of my final moments in game, which hopefully you are not seeing if you saw my "SPOILERS" warning above but I really don't want to go into too much detail about who these people or are what actually happened with them in the story. It's really something one has to experience for themselves! I will say this, I loved how the story ended and I am 100% happy with the outcome. I did cry a little with the major loss at Lost Lake prior to reaching the end of the game and then a few times earlier in the game when Deacon would have flashbacks of he and Sarah or when Deacon and Sarah would have encounters together after you discover (MAJOR SPOILER) she's still alive! (MAJOR SPOILER)

I just couldn't help but love their storyline even if it wasn't a PERFECT ending or happen the way some people would have wanted it to. I loved every moment of it because this game wouldn't be what it is without that passion coming from Deacon. Here are some of my favorite moments with Deacon and Sarah!

I also took a few more screenshots from earlier in the game and couldn't share them with anyone as much as I wanted to. I just needed to make the right post and it needed to be the right time. These screens show some fonder memories of Deacon and Sarah.

If anybody was like me, from the beginning you think Sarah could still be alive. You also wonder if she is, where is she and who is she with. You wonder if she will even still love Deacon at this point of if she's moved on. Is he fighting for nothing even if he does find her? The above screens show a happy couple but also reveal Sarah's commitment to her research and her job at Cloverdale Research. She's involved in some major stuff but you just don't know to what extent yet.

Lastly, when you encounter the new Sarah at Wizard Island SPOILER (after discovering she's alive) SPOILER she is known as the Wizard Island Witch. She doesn't even look happy to see Deacon. It was a bit of a let down at first but little by little she shows him more and more of her true self. It's obvious she can't run into his open arms being in a militia and all. Deacon picks up on her little hints and ultimately realizes she is still in love with him. He continues to fight for her and to free her from the militia's control.

Despite how people may feel about Sarah, she was a big part of the story and the game wouldn't be what it is without her there fueling all of Deacon's actions. I know I posted a lot of screenshots of them but she's important, he's important and their relationship drives the basis for this entire game! 

Another great memory from the game is the crazy adventures I had with Boozer. As his best bud, I went from thinking he was going to die several times, coming close to death (literally) to depression and sickness and (MAJOR SPOILER) actually losing him and then realizing he was actually alive. What a trip! I can't say enough good things about Boozeman! He's a wonderful character and I was glad he was by my side. I want to say I thought he was actually dead for a second but deep down I knew he was still alive.

Here's some pics from our adventures together.

And then they pulled this at the end! ...Which I was glad! We needed Boozer to finish this game out with us or it just wouldn't have felt right. 

Alright, so that's it for this post! I know it was long. It you stuck with me for entire post, thank you. I really care about this game. Took me a few days to write this and get the images up on my off time with having my son constantly at my hip. I'll be posting a few of my end-game adventures along with some videos of fighting some of the hordes still in the games. As I mentioned before, there is still plenty to see and do in this game which makes the blow of it being over have a little less sting. Look out for my upcoming posts as I venture about in the world of Days Gone end-game style!

Days Gone Chronicles - Reaching the End

I know I'm nearing the End of the game Days Gone and it makes me feel worried about HOW it will end.

I was actually minding my own business, admiring the scenery in the game and on my way to another mission when I stumbled upon another horde. I decided to go ahead and take it out because I was fully stocked up. It took me a little longer than it probably should have but I'm not complaining! I cleared a bit over 300 freakers.

Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there as I accidentally made my way to the mission "What it takes to survive" for O'Brien, a member of NERO (the National Emergency Response Organization.) This mission takes place in a cave and you're actually sent in by O'Brien to search for his missing team members, including his friend so their families can have closure. Deacon is a little surprised they have families that even need closure considering the rest of the population has lost everyone they love.

As soon as I found all the members and learned their fates, a cutscene triggered and shortly after that, I was fighting my first Reacher boss. I thought this was going to be intense but it was actually easier to fight than a Breaker, which are overgrown freakers. 

It was relatively easy to take out the Reacher and after that I was informed by O'Brien I needed to remove a tracker from it which would help in locating when hordes were on the move. This action triggered the next action, which was O'Brien then informing me that the horde was heading straight into the cave.

As you can imagine, I was not ready for this due to depleting my inventory fighting a horde right before entering the cave. As luck would have it, I waited and collected what little gear was available in the cave and waited but nothing happened. The horde never came. I was getting agitated so I had to look up how to trigger the horde to enter but it turns out this was a glitch that has happened to several people. The horde never materialized for whatever reason and I read you needed to restart the entire game and system. After doing that, I loaded the game back up and I immediately had to restart at the checkpoint just before the Reacher appeared. I couldn't make my way out of the cave to gear up and I tried! When I would try to exit it would restart the checkpoint on the mission back in the cave as if I died. 

After giving it a second go, I killed the Reacher again and the horde poured in! I wasn't ready. I had no time to prepare. I didn't even have time to pick up the nearby items before they filled the room. All I had on me to use were bombs I had to set, which I had no time to set. I managed to eventually use them all but with my limited health and almost no throwables (cocktails, bombs, or napalm) I was underprepared and no match for the horde. After trying at least 3 times or more, I decided I was getting frustrated and I was also too tired to continue. It was early morning already. I decided to do what I fear doing the most, which was going back to the previous save before the cave. 

It was a hard choice but I did it! I decided to stock up on materials to the best of my ability which seemed to take extra long! I really had to search for every thing I had while avoiding being attacked to not use up what I just stocked up on. It was quite a journey. It took me at least 2-3 hours or more to search for everything I needed to be fully stocked. You wouldn't believe how just searching for materials can take so long in this game! I ran into the worst scenarios such as a Rager (Rabid Bear) and a Breaker (Huge Freaker) together TWICE on two separate occasions (see above video), ambush camps, motorcycle accidents, snipers, and more hordes.

It was a struggle but now that I'm stocked, I'm ready to take on the horde in "What it takes to survive!" The above pic shows a Breaker chasing me when all I wanted to do was collect supplies. I was lucky though because I did run into a NERO campsite where I was able to use the NERO injector to increase my stamina again for the hordes. This game definitely doesn't make things easy! 


I killed my first horde! #DaysGone

I finally got to the point in the game where I had to face a horde head-on! I actually died twice at 25% before beating it. Third times a charm! I was able to knock the horde out using mostly napalm, molotov cocktails, my gun, and shooting explosive barrels. I did a lot of running too and used distractors as often as I could. For some reason my husband kept talking to me while I was fighting the horde and I couldn't figure out what was so important. Anyway, I'll give a brief (aka long) summary of what I did!

The first thing I did was park my bike in this spot. It seems like the most obvious spot to park the bike after getting the cutscene with Captain Kouri. If I needed to jump back on, it was in a good spot for me to get to.

After dying twice, I was able to get a better sense of where things were. I started out with distractors to attract a portion of the horde but of course, they all came running as soon as the napalm went off.

After the napalm hit, I took off running without any stamina boosts unfortunately. Gradually I kept repeating this process utilizing as many of my throwables as I could. I also mostly ran through the big rigs in the area because I was able to climb them which helped when my stamina depleted. The best thing I did was never stop running. I had some close-calls but I kept moving and if I had a good distance between the horde and I, I would pop some health or craft more cocktails/napalm when and where I could. It all went relatively well but let me be the first to say, it had my adrenaline at an all-time high! What a rush! I thought I probably shouldn't be getting that excited or I might need to check my blood pressure. :( I can't recall a more intense in-game battle personally! 

The bonus was earning a trophy!

After killing off my first horde, I went to sell the remains. Turned out to be 251 freakers!

Although I was so relieved and excited to kill my first horde (its been building up to this point), I was actually more shooketh by the progression of the story with Deacon and Sarah! I took a break from this game because I didn't want to actually beat it but I have determined the time has come. I'm going for it! This game is truly shaping up to becoming my all-time favorite game and that's saying A LOT! Stay tuned for more! ~@Peachio