Outbreak progress!

I played Wild Things on easy and it still took me an hour to beat it. I think that’s a new world record for worst run ever. It’s okay tho because I  actually forgot what to do and where to go. Even after beating it I still don’t remember what all I did. Therefore, I have changed my goals for this game.

My initial goal was to play through easy, beat all the levels and “learn” how to play again and then repeat on Normal. However, what I need to do is play and beat every level on easy TWICE, then move on to normal. I did play with Yoko but I think I’m going to cycle through all of the characters to get a better grip on how to play each. Plus, it’s just fun to experience them all individually instead of playing the same character over and over as I restart my Outbreak training.

I don’t think I have the courage to join an online game until I learn how to play again and what to do in each level becomes more natural. I’m having fun solo for now tho! 

Old favorites!

My husband spent so much time putting together my Christmas gift and with the help of a lot of people helped me get my favorite game booted up again and back online. I’m so thankful for this group of people who helped him out of the goodness of their hearts and love for the game. The game I’m referring to is Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 which I first played from its release 15 years ago. I know I just blogged about it but it’s because I couldn’t stop bringing the game up to my husband. Anyhoo, I’m actually playing a Japanese version of the game currently. I used to play all the time. I knew all the tricks, routes, maps, etc. Booting it back up again after 15 years was amazing but I’m now so terrible at the game I can’t even believe I once knew how to play it. I literally wasted an hour of my life playing on easy and still failed horribly. How did I play an hour and achieve only 31% completion? Well, because I’m terrible now as I mentioned. However, I did accidentally make it to the end of Wild Things and faced off with the lion way too early by accident. I almost felt like I could win with the inventory I had but it didn’t work out. It took me so long to even make it to that point. I feel ashamed and embarrassed! Haha. My goal is to play each level on easy to get reacquainted with everything I’m supposed to do plus learn the controls or at least get comfortable with them and then move on to normal and replay everything. 

Even though I’m absolutely terrible at this game now, I’m so excited! I was/am still a huge PS2 fan. I didn’t want to give my PS2 up for a PS3. It took a long time for me to make the switch. Now I can relive some of my all-time favorites like Outbreak File #2 and more because my husband hooked me up for Christmas! I also have a few more classics waiting on me to boot up including Fatal Frame II and Clock Tower 3 not to mention Twister Metal: Black just to name a few.

Anyway, I thought I would post my failures/progress in hopes that I can remember more and get better (again) at one of my all-time favorites! It sure does feel good again to play! I mean, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I was 21 when I first play this and I’m 36 now and I just can’t hang anymore which is why I’m a retired gamer, haha! 

Lastly, keep in mind I tried really hard and still managed to get this terrible score. :(


I picked up on my last save and continued and beat it! I couldn’t go to bed without beating it. And I feel extra idiotic at how much I struggled with the lion initially because I eventually found the rifle and all it took were a few shots and that was it. And, to top it off I let the AI have the rifle so Cindy basically owned the lion for me! Haha. I’m so rusty. But I’m excited because I’m learning how to play all over again and the controls are feeling more natural. 

A look back at one of my favorite games on PS2!

Lately, I can't stop bringing up how much fun I used to have playing Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 to my husband Resetti! I just can't explain how much fun I used to have playing it on my PS2 using my network adaptor and terrible internet connection.

I actually pre-ordered this game and received some promo items for it which are now long gone. I believe it was a canister... and can't remember what else. I did a simple search on it and definitely remember the canister and wish I still had it, but it also came with a face mask!

One of the things I remember most is playing it and having my little nephews watch me play! I'd be playing in my room and they'd come over and come straight into my room and sit and just watch me play... best memories ever! My oldest nephew eventually fell in love with the game too and every other game I was playing at the time on my PS2. Of course, he became better at every game I was playing as well and he was probably a pre-teen at the time. Haha. 

I still look back on these characters and think of how magnificent they look first of all, but also how memorable each and every one of them were! I played with every character but the most memorable to me were Jim because of his voice. We still use his "my bad!" voice in real life to this day and Cindy because I liked to heal. As everyone knows one of the best things you could do in this game was to use the health spray to spray your team mates down ladders over and over while they would try to climb up. I loved something about each character that I think they're all my favorite looking back. It really is hard picking when they all were great!

Just look at 'em!

Not pictured were my two other characters that I played with a lot toward the end which were Dorothy and Ms. Water! We just loved her voice (it was the same on both bonus characters.) We also still say "THANS" in real life because of her voice overs. This game is literally one of my all-time favorites. I always think back to it and it brings me back to a good time in my life! I'm so glad I had sense enough at the time with my then-young self to pick it up and play it. I could have easily missed out on its greatness. When we get our game room in order I definitely want to have something dedicated to this game in it!  ~PEACH

My first Splatoween is in the books!

Unfortunately I didn't take many screen caps but I had A LOT of fun with my best buds playing Splatoween 2020! I actually saved some 30 second clips that I want to compile in a short video but other than that, I don't have much to show! I was thankful to experience this event because I LOVE Halloween! We were on Team Treat and we won! Hurray!

Edited to add pics my bud sent me of us! <3

Halloween Update on my island!

I haven't been blogging much because I've been gaming 24/7! My bad! I've got my ACNH island under spooky construction meanwhile, I just started up FFXI and I'm redoing the upper floor of my mog house (also spookified), AND I'm also currently obsessing over Splatoon 2. I literally can not get off that game!

Here are some pics of what's going on in Halloween town (aka my island). That's not really the name of my island but still.

As mentioned in my previous update about the new Halloween update for AC, I needed to clear some overgrowth and get my island in shape to decorate for Halloween. It wasn't easy. I managed to get all my flowers organized and sectioned off and moved on to adding the DIYs! You can see above, I started adding a few DIY's here and there.

I also planted THOUSANDS of pumpkins. I also DIY'ed THOUSANDS of jack-o-lanterns.

I downloaded this cute fall sweater design. It's so perfect in every way. Thank you to the kind ghoul who created it. It's fall AND spooky in one which basically describes me and my entire life. 

I don't want to reveal all of my island just yet because it's just not ready! I can't wait though! AND why are items coming out on OCT 31? I need them, like NOW! I'm patiently waiting to get the rest of the Halloween items but it's killin' me not to already have them. Bummer! I want to be able to enjoy the spookiness all month!~

And lastly, here is my town square before the Halloween updates... stay tuned for my next post where I'll reveal the spooky makeover and more! I really added a bit of Halloween everywhere on my island because I went a little bit nuts. 

Get ready for the spookiness!~